Welcome Hand by Mette Winckelmann

Welcome Hand by Mette Winckelmann


Winckelmann’s book was published on the 100-year anniversary of the constitutional amendment of 1915 that allowed women as well as other ‘non-owning citizens’ to vote. The assemblages of one-handed tools resting on top of magazines for men, women, transgender, hetero, gay, etc., makes for a metonymic commentary on the underlying categorizations that allow political disenfranchisement – and at the same time points to the possibility of the unintended alliances that arise from such categorization. Consisting of 50 double-sided, unbound A3 sheets, the book can be dissembled and reassembled at will, making it into a malleable, shifting photographic multitude in red tinted and monochrome. 

Published by Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, 2016

200 pages

100 photographs, unbound collected in a plastic foil bag

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