Trick of the Light by Jeong Hwa Min

Trick of the Light by Jeong Hwa Min


This is a book that truly cuts across any preconceived idea about what a book is or should be. South Korean-born artist and illustrator Jeong Hwa Min’s A Trick of the Light reveals the stunning beauty of geometry through airbrush-paintings that have been riso-printed, carefully layered and arranged, so as to – in interaction with the reader – create a moving geometry. Starting with the simple enough opposition of multiple squares versus a single circle, the book deepens in visual complexity as one advances through the series of monochrome images folded in blue carton. Min’s work explores the movement of light and dark in a way that underlines the unique character of the artists’ book as a phenomenon that takes place equally in both time and space. 

Published by Colorama, 2017

24 pages

Saddle stitched w/ black staples

Edition of 150

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