One Hand, and the Other by Emil Salto

One Hand, and the Other by Emil Salto


Opening Salto’s book is like sitting yourself down in front of a mirror to observe the movement of your hands as they carefully form the link between your mind and the pages in your hands. It makes you acutely aware of both the tactile feel of the paper and of your own movements as you leaf through the book – but also curiously voyeuristic as if you’re spying on someone unawares. One Hand, and the Other is like having a conversation with a stranger, conducted by hand – a mute dialogue in black and white. It enacts a strange kind of meta-physical encounter between yourself and a doppelgänger, something that at one and the same time puts you in front of, but removed, from yourself. 


Published by Cornerkiosk Press, 2014

28 pages

Softcover with Japanese binding

Edition of 100

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