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Double release by Cia Rinne + Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen

Cia Rinne: "Sentences"
Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen: "ikkööhäik – I'm ok"

Come join us at BLADR for at great evening! Mustonen and Naukkarinen will do a reading based on their book, Cia Rinne will read from "Sentences" and as a special treat writer and critic Solveig Daugaard will hold a short talk about the two publications.

17:30: - Reading by Anne Naukkarinen and Maarit Mustonen
18:00: - Talk by Solveig Daugaard
18:15: - Reading by Cia Rinne



Release of Navigation

Bladr is happy to host the release of NAVIGATION - A Publication for a Place without a Historical Center, Created Continuously Anew in Meetings and Events that Occur in Empowered Spaces, Simultaneously.

Incl. panel discussion between


EMACON by Fryd Frydendahl and Absalon Kirkeby

Fryd Frydendahl and Absalon Kirkeby have known each other for many years.
Bladr has invited them to make an exhibition together.
Fryd pronounces Imacon as Emacon. Says Absalon. Imacon is a negative scanner. The exhibition will consist of clip-frames in which Fryd and Absalon's photographs are assembled.

Scan/light/photograph/light/scan/light/computer/light/photograph/light/sdcard/light/pixels/light/scan/ light/transfer/light/scan etc. Some work-processes in common in the mechanical and mindset.

The publication SPOR 3 Absalon Kirkeby will be released on the opening night. Published by Roulette Russe.

året+april+2018_5 (1).jpg

Release of Året: April and March by Blankt Papir

Året, København 2018 (The Year, Copenhagen 2018) is a monthly photobook publication featuring contemporary works by Copenhagen-based photographers engaged in portraying the city of Copenhagen during 2018. Every month 5-10 photographers spend the 20 first days of the month photographing the city, consequently putting together a photobook featuring the results. Presenting different artists every month, Året will gather throughout the year a growing and diverse collection of perspectives and practices.

While Copenhagen has been named the most liveable city in the world several times, and we have seen many beautiful vistas of the Danish capital, the reality is always far more complex. This diary representing varied and personal points of view will offer readers an uncensored and unfiltered portrait of the city: “This is our Copenhagen”.

Året is published by Danish publisher Blankt Papir Press and every month is a limited edition run of 100 copies only.




A unique exhibition with Henrique Hinnerfeldt (b. 1984)

For five days, Henrique Hinnerfeldt (b. 1984), sat at the rooms of Bladr and produced 27 unique one edition zines specifically for an exhibition at Bladr.



IDLE by Wilfred Wagner, talk and release

We are delighted to present the Danish release of the artist book IDLE by Wilfred Wagner. During the evening Wagner will give a talk about his project: 

"The role of the copy shop and the modalities of production in the post-digital era."

IDLE is a collection of photographs taken of copy shops in various locations from 2014-2017. 
The images are presented as a fragmented collage due to the practical result of oblique collating. 
Printed in White riso ink on black sugar paper in Edition of 100 copies. 

Copy shops are the intermediary organ that assists the production and exchange of printed ephemera. 
Impartial to the subjects they reproduce, they are an integral part of society with a distinct visual economy of their own. 
This publication is an enquiry into these particular (work-) environments, as social support structures. 

With outset in the book work IDLE, we will discuss the modalities of production and the role of the copy shop, in the post-digital era. 

Wilfred Wagner (DK, 1988) is a visual artist and together with Kristian B. Johansson forming KLD Repro; a publication studio and artist run copy shop in Copenhagen since 2014.

Published by Edizione Multicolore, Leipzig
Produced at KLD Repro, Copenhagen



RISO exhibition

With opening performances by Louise Haugaard Jørgensen and Ragnhild May