Bladr (Danish for ’turn the page’) is a platform for the exploration, distribution, and appreciation of artists’ books, which aims to increase the visibility of the field.

Morphing between different tactile and artistic manifestations such as drawing, photography, collage, text, graphics, etc., an artist’s book is a piece of art in its own right; an artwork taking the shape of a book. By exploring the artist’s book and how it is interlaced with various art disciplines, Bladr seeks to facilitate the potential of the art form. 

The platform assumes various shapes by being a bookstore and an exhibition place, as well as a space for workshops, screenings, performances, book launches, talks, and other events.

Bladr is a non-profit project run by a group of artists, photographers, graphic designers, and critics, all of which have been working with artists’ books in different constellations. Bladr was established during the winter of 2017, and opened in its present form in Griffenfeldsgade 27 in February 2018.   

We welcome submissions. Please contact us if you are interested in submitting your artist’s book.

Bladr is an initiative run by: 
Stine Friis Møller, Sara Lubich, Linus Carlsen & Christian Klintholm